The grouping of credits in 5 questions

The grouping of credits often challenges … Between television advertisements, the reality on the ground and that of the profession, many questions often arise among our customers. We will answer the 5 most common questions.


Why carry out a grouping of credits?

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We are all looking for controlled budget management. But when we have projects in mind, we are all inclined to take out loans. Grouping them into a single monthly payment allows you to:

  • Reduce your monthly payments rather than accumulating them
  • Include your current loans (real estate, consumption…) and also your personal debts
  • Invest or finance new projects (purchase of real estate, children’s studies, preparing for retirement, etc.)
  • Reassure your banker about the solutions you adopt to better manage your budget

Quick to set up, credit consolidation offers you a simple and effective solution to give new impetus to your budget.


What are the steps to take for a loan consolidation?

The first thing to do is to clearly present your situation and clearly express your needs (Will the grouping be used to improve your cash flow and / or to finance new projects?).

Then, you must provide all the administrative documents necessary for the study of your file.

And that’s all! It is up to your broker to question the various banking partners to meet your needs and find you a suitable solution.

Practical information:

You do not have to change banks during a credit consolidation.


Do I have to put several brokers into competition?

credit loans

There are only 7 banks specializing in credit consolidation. They all work with different brokers.

You are very likely to have your file deposited at the same banks at the same time and only the first file deposited counts. So multiplying contacts with several brokers will not help.

Practical information:

Check that your broker is properly mandated by these 7 banks to offer you all the existing solutions


Consolidate its credit, how much does it cost?

All people with so-called “stable” incomes (permanent contracts, pensions, etc.), of all ages, whether or not they are owners (remove files from French banks), are eligible for credit consolidation.


Who is eligible for a loan consolidation?

Consolidate its credit, how much does it cost?

All people, of all ages, owners or not, including those registered with the Banque de France, are eligible for credit consolidation.

Credit consolidation is a simple solution to reduce your monthly loan payments and finance new projects. Any more questions?

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